• IMG_6996

    Long Trip Across the Denmark

    Martin´s brother and his girlfriend arrived to Skagen. We walked around the city and in the morning we drove to Copenhagen across the Denmark. Last 2 days in Denmark made me sad  We went…

  • IMG_6851

    Makki´s Cinnamon Rolls

    I am in love with Cinnamon rolls. So much! So I tried healthier way by myself. And I have to say it was really tasty! I found this recipe on http://www.culinarycoutureblog.com and made few…

  • IMG_6776
    My life

    Beach walk and snacking

    In 8 days we will fly back to Czech rep. I will miss the sea and beaches… We had a great time in here! We walked on the beach and then in the forest.…

  • IMG_6676

    Hummus & Healthy snacking

    I wanted to buy hummus few days before. I did not. But I wanted so bad that I bought it today and it was amazing! There was lot of garlic and lemon zest. That´s…

  • IMG_6714

    Oatmeal with chia seeds

    I love oatmeal! I am full for at least 3 hours. And you?  Ingredients: 1 cup oats 200 ml soy milk 2 tbs chia seeds blueberries almonds bananna strawberries Directions: Cook oats with milk…

  • IMG_6716

    Cacao Banana Egg Pancakes

    Ingredients:  2 bananas 1 egg 1 tbs cacao 1 tsp baking powder 1 tbs Chia seeds Coconut oil Directions: Mix bananas, egg, baking powder and cacao. Use hand blender. Then add chia seeds and…

  • IMG_6708

    Brown Rice Sushi Recipe

    How I said before, I did´t have sushi rice at home so I used brown rice. It was much better and easier to prepare so I will share my recipe with you Ingredients: For…

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    My life

    Beach Day & Brown Rice Sushi Night

    It was amazing weather. I would like to be only in swimsuit but it´s not possible. It´s too cold! So I live near the sea but my skin will be white forever… In 1…

  • IMG_6602

    Salmon and Vegetable

    I baked salmon for dinner. Only salt and pepper and bake! Vegetable is steamed and I used chili seasoning…

  • FotorCreated
    My life

    Eggs, Chicken & Coconut

    Okay. It is strange but I did´t made pancakes for breakfast today. I made scrambled eggs. It was good but I like sweet breakfasts much more! Lunch… I made chicken from the fridge. I…

  • IMG_6579

    Shrimps and rice

    Do you love Shrimps as I do? Martin wanted to eat pizza so I made dinner only for me. We watched hockey and had a good time We played with Finland and we won!!!!…

  • IMG_6589
    Recipes Snack

    218 kj CheeseCake

    I made delicious CheeseCake today. It´s only 218 kj per piece. Crust Ingredients: 1 egg 1/2 cup flour 1 drop almond extract 3 tbs stevia 3 tbs coconut oil 1/2 tsp baking powder  …

  • IMG_6577

    Fruity Fruit

    I am not good in run. I am so tired after few seconds! Today I did´t run but walk. I walked very fast for 40 minutes. I felt so good! My legs hurts and…